Hi everyone

Welcome to the last wrap of the year.  After lockdowns that lasted for longer than anyone cares to remember, we made it to Sandown, our final event of the season.  The Husband fulfilled his job of getting the weather right. It was a perfect day to be trackside with just a puff of wind and the right amount of sunshine to warm the track and our tyres.  About 119 drivers took to the track, led out by our little course car complete with new amber lights securely bolted down (her flashing bits flew off at our Come & Try Day).  We’d been set the challenge of no more than two recoveries for the day – our Clerk of Course wanted zero recoveries; I said, no chance of that.  Sure enough, we blew our KPI in the first session, with a few cars popping off for some sightseeing and a little MG had a bit of an oil problem. One nicely prepared Subaru unfortunately kissed the wall coming out of turn 4 and thankfully, his driver was unharmed.  As we always say, cars can be fixed, drivers not always so. We hope to see you back trackside again in the new year.

Sally-Anne Haines set the fastest time of the day (you go girlfriend!) in her perfectly prepared Porsche 997 with a time of 1:16.22 followed oh so closely by Tim Blakeney in his beautiful blue Ford FPV (1:16:27).

Just two events after Jim Cain (Dummy 1), Roger Jeary (Dummy 2) reached the remarkable milestone of officiating at 100 MSCA events.  What a privilege it is to have Jim and Roger looking after us at each event.  They really are our Dynamic Duo. Congratulations Roger, on reaching this significant milestone and thanks to you and Jim for all that you do.  

The Husband must have got me at a weak moment (I think it had something to do with the chocolate, wine and ice cream he shoved at me) because I somehow agreed to share Miss Elise with him.  Bad move. I think you know how this story ends.  While I was dutifully sitting on track exit, he was having a wow of a time, so much so that he beat my time by 0.08 secs.  If you don’t count the little seconds on the end, you’d call it a draw. I’m going with that. It’s time he got back into the tower. Or back to racing that yellow MG of his.  

MSCA presentation night – postponed until early 2022

It’s been a mad dash to the line to try and finalise our point scores and organise trophies before our presentation night next week and unfortunately, we must admit defeat. The timing of our last few events (we have run three events in four weeks) has meant that we just haven’t been able to get everything finalised in time. We want to make sure we give the right plastic trophies to the right people, so we’ll be rescheduling our presentation night to early next year.  We’ll let you know once we’ve locked in a date.

Phillip Island, Saturday 12 February 2022

Our calendar kicks off at The Island on Saturday 12 February.  We’re back-to-back with PCV so we welcome our Porsche friends to get their eye in at our event.  Entries are now open so get in early to avoid disappointment.

On behalf of El Presidente (The Husband) the Executive and the Committee, thank you for supporting the MSCA during another challenging year.  Coming together to share our common love of grassroot motorsport is what creates our lovely community.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege of sharing the track and my stories with you.

Take care, stay well, and enjoy the festive season


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