MSCA wrap – Sandown, March 2022

Hi everyone

We headed out to Sandown on what looked like patchy weather, with clouds threatening to burst for most of the day. Thankfully there were just a few misty moments and not the torrential rain experienced by our interstate friends.  In fact, the conditions were near perfect to set good times and around 110 drivers, including eight women, took to the track for what promised to be a great day.  

To my great relief, Dummy 1 (Jim) and Dummy 2 (Roger) were back on dummy grid duties. Take it from me, no one wants me on a microphone again any time soon.  It was great to see Come and Try drivers out at Sandown giving it a red hot go. Well done to you all; you just might have caught the sprinting bug!  Speaking of all things sprinting, I think I spied the reigning Porsche 6 Hour Regularity Champions getting their eye in before the main event next month.  Look out folks, that Triumph team looks serious.  Rumour has it there are still a few spots left for any teams wanting to have a go.  The Husband and I will be providing course car duties in the MSCA Abarth so you’re sure to feel right at home.  To find out more about the Porsche 6-hour relay contact Grant Stephenson: 0417 080 953.

Miss Elise and I had a wow of a time and it felt so great to be back on the black stuff.  We found our flow and managed to pull off a sneaky PB, firmly securing the Astbury record at Sandown.  Not wanting to be left behind, there were some rumblings from The Husband about “perhaps sharing Miss Elise”.  No can do, buddy.  You can stay in the tower wearing those cute earmuffs.

Results are available on the MSCA website. Congratulations to Tim Blakeney who set the fastest time of the day in his lovely yet slightly wobbly-panelled FPV (1:18:31).  Hot on his bumper was Peter Owen in his Don’t-Mess-With-Me-Nissan 200SX who set a cracking time of 1:18:38, followed by a beautifully presented Porsche GT4 driven by Belucci Murelli (1:20:38).  Apparently when Belucci sets the fastest time of the day, he has promised The Husband a drive of his GT4.  Sadly, no mention of me…

The Clerk of Course Best on Ground goes to Ursula Weindemuller who, after having a whoopsie, did all the right things by parking her car in a safe spot, jumping behind the barrier, and keeping her helmet on, enabling the run to continue without dropping a red flag.

Sandown, Saturday 2 April

We are back at Sandown on Saturday 2 April for our next event.  Entries are filling so to avoid disappointment, enter now.  If you’ve entered the Porsche 6-hour relay, this is your chance to shake down your car and dial in before event.  We’re hosting afternoon practice for teams entering the 6-hour relay.  To make this happen, we’re offering a discounted entry fee and will be finishing our sprint sessions a little earlier.

Winton, Sunday 1 May

We’re off to regional Victorian in May for a run at Winton.  Miss Elise loves this track, and you might too.  Challenge yourself at this technical circuit, while supporting regional and local communities. You could even consider taking your beloved away for a “romantic (track) weekend”.  Entries are open, so pop yourself down for a run.

I look forward to seeing you at Sandown next month.

Take care


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