Hi everyone

We finally made it back trackside! After months of endless monotony, we were free to fang around a racetrack and we even visited regional Victoria along the way.  What a treat!  The day did not disappoint.  The Husband fulfilled his most important job of ordering good weather, and we (sort of) fulfilled our job of keeping it on the black stuff.  A field of around 105 happy competitors enthusiastically took to the track, and for some, it was a shake down of their cars and of themselves. We blew our KPI of no more than two recoveries for the day about halfway through our first session.  Just a few little whoopsies and forgetful moments from drivers and their cars.  Overall, a good day was had by all, and it was great to catch up with many of our regular steerers.

Jeffrey David was on fire in his custom-built Quantum with a time of 1:29.8, followed by Chris Thompson in his Nissan GTR (1:31.1) and Mark Bone hot on his heels in his PRB clubman (1:31.7).

Jim Cain (Dummy 1) reached an amazing milestone of officiating at 100 MSCA events.  Jim and Roger (Dummy 2) have released us safely onto racetracks for over 15 years.  In rain, scorching heat and artic-Phillip-Island wind, they unfailingly keep watch and make sure we are safe.  Congratulations Jim, on reaching this significant milestone and thank you so much for all that you do.  

Miss Elise and I had a wow of time. She loves Winton and so do I.  Sticky track, sweaty me, we took a little while to get our groove on (“what gear do I take the bunny-ears in again?”) before we got on with it.  Of course, The Husband had to add his own personalised commentary throughout the day, “I heard you bouncing off the rev limiter”. One time, and it just happened to be in front of the tower.  Thanks for being helpful.  Don’t you have a job to do?  I think The Husband needs to keep his eye on the main game and not on Miss Elise.  

Come and Try Day, Phillip Island – Saturday 20 November

After a year on the bench, our Come and Try Day at Phillip Island is back.  We have a full field and over 60 volunteer officials bringing this day to life.  We are so grateful and privileged to have the support of our MSCA community, and The Husband and I can’t wait to share our passion for grassroots motorsport with our entrants.

Sandown – Sunday 5 December

We end our calendar at Sandown on Bathurst Day.  Don’t worry, this year’s race starts at 12.15pm so there should be time to get home, pour yourself a little shandy and see the run to the checkered flag.  Or just hit the record button and fast forward the boring bits at your leisure.  This event is filling fast so get your entry in to avoid disappointment.

Take care, stay well and see you trackside soon


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