MSCA sprint days

The MSCA prides itself on running efficient competitor-focused events that are safe, inclusive and fun, all for a competitive price. Our event dates are advertised on our website and entered via the Motorsport Australian MEECAMS entry system. Our events tend to fill, so enter early to avoid disappointed. Leading up to the event, via email you will be advised of the acceptance of your entry, and provided with run group and further information about the day. We ask during the event entry process, you take the time to read the supplementary regulations.


Our day program consists of up to six run groups (one being regularity) with all groups getting at least four 12 to 16 minutes sessions. As our competition starts right on 9.00am we ask all competitors get to the circuit by 7.15am to complete check in and scrutineering.

All sessions are started behind a course car which provides a sighting lap under full course yellow for all competitors. The use of the course car also allows us to minimise the time between the run groups, providing more track time. To further assist with the smooth running of the event, we ask all competitors to keep their vehicles in excellent running condition, and make every effort to not leave the circuit (the black stuff) on the day.


We do not provide passenger sessions at our regular Sprint events due to time restraints. Passenger sessions require a higher level of organisation and lower track density allowances, making them not feasible at a regular sprint event. At lunch time all our officials are provided a well earned break and therefore cannot accommodate any on track activities during this time. The MSCA are looking to run passenger sessions at some future events so please look out for future information on these events.

The MSCA encourages all those interested to get involved in motorsport.  We have developed a Come & Try program specifically aimed at first-time motorsport enthusiasts.  The MSCA Come & Try Day occurs is held at Phillip Island raceway in December each year. This day is dedicated to equipping you with basic track knowledge, car handling skills and track experience and includes instructor and solo sessions.  Entries open around September each year and you can enter this event via the Motorsport Australia MEECAMS event entry site.

Due to its residential location Sandown Raceway has strict noise regulations placed in it’s activities by local council. It only runs a few major events (Super Cars, Sandown Historics etc) a year that is not governed by a 75db maximum. All sprint days including MSCA events are restricted to a maximum of 75db. Excessive early morning noise is also an issue; therefore, no race engines can be started before 9.00am. All road registered cars must only run at idle. Adhering to these simple noise rules allows Sandown Raceway to run events throughout the year.

The MSCA is not a car club in its own right. It
consists of 13 Motorsport Australia (formerly known
as CAMS) affiliated car clubs. You can join any one of
these car clubs to join the MSCA. You do not need
to be a member of an MSCA affiliated car club to
compete at an MSCA sprint day. We take entries
from all clubs which are affiliated with Motorsport

Our Competition Secretary takes great time and care to match cars and drivers to the appropriate run group by looking at recent times from sprint events you have entered.  He also considers the size of the vehicle as this can cause issues during overtaking. Double entered cars also add an extra layer of complexity to the allocation of groups. All circuits have specified track density levels that we need to adhere to. This takes a lot of work!  If we don’t quite get it right, then where possible, a change to run group may be made before the event.  You can assist in this process my making sure your profile on the Motorsport Australia MEECAMS event entry site has up to date photographs and laps times for all Victorian circuits.

Entries will be refunded in FULL if the event is cancelled by the MSCA. If a competitor advises the Event Secretary ( that they no longer wish to compete by 5:00pm on the Wednesday before the event, a refund will be granted less a processing fee of $25.00. Cancellation after this time, or on the day are not eligible for a refund. You apply for a refund by editing your entry on the MEECAMS site. Refunds will be processed upon completion of the event.

The strength of our community comes from the generosity of our great volunteers.  We’d love to hear from you if you’d like to get involved. There are numerous roles that require keen and enthusiast volunteers. These include:

  • Check in and administration
  • Scrutineering
  • Dummy grid
  • Flag marshalling

Please contact our Competition Secretary:

Multi club speed events do not require its competitors’ vehicles to be logged booked. All vehicles, including road registered vehicles, shall conform with the General Requirements for Cars and Drivers, Schedules A and B of the current Motorsport Australia Manual of Motor Sport. No vehicle may be used for practice or competition on the day until passed by the Chief Scrutineer and his team. Logged book cars can complete at MSCA events but will also need to be scrutineered by presenting their logbook on the day. There currently is no Motorsport Australia targeted scrutineering program in place for sprint events.

We do not provide driver training at our regular Sprint events due to time restraints. Since 2014 annually in December, the MSCA runs its Come and Try Day Program.

The Come and Try Day structure provides Sprint Day experience, with both formal and on-track instruction and training. The participants attend three information sessions covering a general drivers’ briefing, driving techniques and other relevant matters in a classroom setting. In between the classroom sessions our participants have two on-track runs with an experienced driving instructor. One session in an instructor’s car, then a solo run to complete the day’s fun.

If you need more information,
please contact us